Thursday, May 21, 2009

Working at the VA Hospital

I like working at the VA Hospital in Tampa.

We had a presentation by some guy from the VISN, and he mentioned how the new Secretary, Erik Shinseki (sp?), was changing things as far as how central office is organized, and there would probably be other changes. The guy stressed that no eligable veteran would be denied care for which he was entitled to, through service to our country.

Operation Enduring (Iraqi) Freedom [OEF/OIF], our current conflicts that we are presently involved with, are causing some stresses in soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, or coast guardsmen. The VA exists to help these veterans, and others who have previously served.

The VA of today is better. There is more money being appropriated to care for, and treat veterans. The money also goes to fund Veterans Benefits Administration, as well as the Veterans Health Administration, along with the National Cemetary Administration. VBA and VHA take up sizable chunks of the money. Of that, some is geared toward salaries of the people who work at those agencies' offices, most probably goes to pay for the Benefits and Healthcare that has been earned by the veterans.
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