Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summary from DC

Life is funny. We had a good day today. We left Connecticut at 2am and got on the road by 2:30. It was cool. We got through New York by 5 or so. We stayed at an older hotel called the Americana in Arlington. I think we'll need to check out this morning. The room was changed, after I tried opening the door, and I inadvertently removed the core of the lock. The wireless signal here isn't good, so I'll need to compose this off line and send it later.

New Jersey has the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Turnpike. I think that tourism in New Jersey is probably adversely affected by having the Tolls.

We took the George Washington Bridge upper level both times through New York City. It was pretty good. There wasn't much traffic on the interstate in the early morning.

When we were going up there , we went the express way through the city, and there weren't a lot of people going in that direction at the time. The local route was much busier. I guess that the local route had opportunities to get off, at least on the Jersey side of things. Maybe there were towns outside of the city that are served by the Interstate.

I hope that we'll be able to find a room in the morning. I think that the bad signs should indicate that we should move on. Fran, my wife, may complain if we aren't able to find a different place to stay near Washington DC. I think we probably should be able to find something, it is a big city.

We saw lots of cherry blossoms today. We walked around the mall. We had lunch in the Reagan International Trade Center food court.

It was way too much food. We took most of it back to the hotel room with us. After walking around DC for it seemed like two hours or so, we hopped back on board the metro, and took it back to the Crystal City stop on the blue line.

The FDR memorial was neat. There were lots of good sayings attributed to him.

Earlier this trip, we did Gettysburg, and I got a T-shirt with a saying attributed by Lincoln, and I'm pretty sure that Barack Obama had quoted it about bring the people the right facts and beer.

I liked the Gettysburg Foundation's way of trying to support the memory of the battlefield. I liked their little logo.

When we were up near New London staying with Fran's Step-Mother, we did a self guided walking tour of the Coast Guard Academy's grounds. That was pretty neat.

After walking a bit though, Fran realized that she left her ID in the car, and she wanted to get it, and move the car closer, but then we realized just how small the campus actually is, and we were off campus before we could make a correction.

We saw the Coast Guard ship the eagle, but it had been deployed to Norfolk, Virginia recently, but we didn't know about it, so we went down near the ship, and it was pretty neat. We spoke with a guy who was in the Coast Guard Auxillary. He's a retired pilot, so it's kind of cool I guess.

While we were up there, we also drove around the General Dynamics campus where they had signage saying that photography of defense stuff is prohibited. We saw the Uconn Avery point campus. It was pretty cool. I took some photos there.

The DC metro is pretty neat. I think we might not be able to utilize much of the metro cards that we've bought, but I guess it's just as well. If we end up eating some expenses, it's for the good of the places we've visited.

Well, we took Route 3 to Route 17 to Interstate 64, and we stopped by the house on Chesapeake Avenue. We then proceeded to Virginia Beach. Right now, I am enjoying the hotel network.

I thought it was interesting that New Jersey had people at the Gas Stations pumping gas. I guess that keeps the line moving at the station.
Marty S., Mar 31, 2009, 9:58pm EDT

The trip was fun, I enjoyed it. It kind of sucked that the low price hotel room had old lock which broke. That was one of the reasons that I decided that we needed to leave. Maybe we could've stayed around Bethesda at a Days Inn, we passed it, but Fran was in the wrong lane of traffic and I wasn't too vocal about my desire to stay. We had a fun time in Virginia Beach. But I like Florida's beach scene much better. I prefer the weather of Florida.
Marty S., Apr 14, 2009, 8:51pm EDT

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