Thursday, May 14, 2009

Iran and Israel

I don't get what is going on with Iran. I mean sure, attaining nuclear weapons is a big thing. Having the ability to destroy your neighbors may ultimately be a good thing. Look at how well North Korea is handling the success. Hillary Clinton has supposedly drawn yet another line in the sand for October that Iran will come to the negotiating table, or else, we will have to impose crippling sanctions on them. It is almost funny.

If we want Iran to realize the destructive power of nuclear explosions, why doesn't someone provide a direct demonstration? I know that sensible people don't want nuclear weapons to be used. I know that the damage to the earth is pretty profound. At the same time, sooner or later, there will be more accidents.

I believe Israel is being asked to throw away her future. It seems like this should not be a Faustian bargain that would make sense. If Israel tries to remove the Heavy Water reactor at Bushehr, that could cause havoc for Bahrain and some other middle eastern nations, including Iraq. I'm sorry. But it should be clear that you should not threaten our way of life with violence. The missles should reach. The precision does not need to be exact. As long as sufficient damage is inflicted, people will die, and the radioactivity will go up for a few hundreds, or thousands of years.

Perhaps Iran will achieve its weaponization. Maybe there will be an accident of the scale of Chernobyl. It may be worse. It might not be as bad. I don't see us as being able to change the situation inside of zIran.

Who knows, though? Maybe things will happen.
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