Saturday, May 16, 2009

Plants in our yard today

We went to TreeMart, a local specialty landscaping supply place. We arguably shouldn't have gotten as many plants as we did, paying the prices we paid, but we did end up getting 18 plants for somewhere near $103. We got 4 sets of 3 plants and one set of 6 plants. 3 Dwarf Papyrus trees were $7.95 each, but the Papyrus look cool. At least right now, they look cool.

We have been getting rain in the evenings, so this is good. Tonight, we also got some rain. It probably didn't rain as much tonight, but hey, we won't complain.

The plants called Whirling Butterflies were similar to the plants we saw at the Count extension office, and we liked them when they were there. Contrary to the name, these flowers seem to be more favored by bees, than butterflies.

Papyrus, cool tops, huh?

cool leaves on this plant, nice flowers, cool leaves.

Justice isn't really done by this camera in this picture, at this time. I think it might have had to do with the white balance issue.

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