Thursday, May 14, 2009

One cup of food for Dinner

We went to BJ's Wholesale warehouse, and picked up some nice button down shirts for me. When I was larger, I needed a 19 inch neck on my button down shirts. I had to go to the Big and Tall store. It wasn't bad. I guess the shirts were a bit more expensive. Now I am wearing a Large. I was able to button it all of the way up. I think we ended up spending a lot at BJ's tonight. To be fair, we did get a lot of pork. We got several different flavors of pork tenderloins. We also got kitty litter, cat food/treats, and some other stuff.

Tonight, we fixed a steak which was pretty good. We seasoned it with some garlic pepper. We added it to some rice, and a steamer bag of frozen peas. My wife cut up the steak to be pretty small and mixed it with the rice and peas. I guess that will be some future lunches for awhile into the future.

We make use of the little 10 ounce containers, (WalMart, twist on lids, small containers) when measuring out portions. Measuring out portions is very important with this new way of eating. I guess I try to stick with the 3 meals of a cup at each meal. Granted, the 10 ounce container is slightly more than a cup, but it's close enough I believe. The lap band diet hasn't really been that difficult for me to live with.

For the presurgery diet, I had some Atkin's protein drinks and some crystal light flavored water. I guess I may have done that for ten days, and then for a week following the surgery. Then we did a week on food processed meats and whatnot. Then a week on soft meats and similar foods. Hormel microwave meats made for nice meals. We gradually started adding more variety. Initially, I was okay with just the meats (I probably still am, my wife wants more variety), as time passed though, we did add more rice and veggies (mostly veggies).

My breakfast is pretty easy. I like the eggs scrambled with some cheese and some salsa in the morning. We keep some egg beaters or the equivalent around for my morning meal.
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