Saturday, January 30, 2010

These pictures are of our new room which hasn't yet had the paint added to the walls, other than the orange peel texture of the drywall/joint compound.
It will look better as we progress.
Now that the ceiling fans/light assemblies are up, and plugs are in the wall, it is better.
The floor is a kind of semi rough rectified tile. The grout lines are barely noticable.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Computer Mediated Communication

My passion has been computer mediated communication (CMC). As a traumatic brain injury survivor, I recognize that it has been essential to my recovery process. As a master's level educated librarian, I enjoy seeing the "Ah-Ha!" moment of enlightenment. As an IT specialist, working at a hospital, I see that there are probably many who could benefit from further use of CMC. Yet there are systems and processes established for making proposals to enhance the quality of care that we provide.

I thought "how cool is that?" when I saw the movie Avatar, recently. It touched on the idea of using computer mediated communication. Granted, it was a fictional construct, but many elements could be used and expanded.

Back to my idea of CMC used as part of the rehabilitative process, one of the doctors at the hospital would like for me to think about how to use this as more of a way to get the patients ready to return to a work like environment. I'm thinking that communication is certainly part of the return to work strategy. It is so much more than just an element of the return to work paradigm, but if that gets attention, then yes.

The world of work involves much more than just communication. Perhaps as society evolves, the notion of work will also expand to encompass some of these ideas.