Saturday, May 16, 2009

An old house

We used to live at this house. Of course, when we lived there, it was before the white pickett fence was put up. Maybe we had azalea bushes out front. I'm not sure, I was just a little kid, I'm pretty sure between ages 8 and 10, I seem to recall.

One of the coolest things about this particular location was that it overlooked the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The Naval ships were always distant, but it was neat to watch ships come in and out.

I suppose that there are other ships which go further south to the other ports in the tidewater area of Virginia. I think there's a Newport News Shipyard, and possibly a Suffolk facility as well.

I liked the little overlook of a park that was the Monitor-Merrimack Overlook Park. (I like that those two ships fought during the civil war. The Monitor was an early low profile ship from the union side, while the Merrimack was a confederate ship built up with iron on it's sides.)

The whole notion of the Civil War was a troubling time, but we've moved past that time for the most part. We are a stronger nation because of our acceptance of differences.

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