Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eating Good Food

We’ve previously been fascinated by Le Cellier in Canada as a dining venue at EPCOT. I guess part of the fascination lies behind the reputation that it is difficult to get in to. We were able to make reservations for 12:45 on a Saturday, when we were looking around on a Friday night. Part of the mystique behind the reservations system I suppose is just the management of expectations. According to the reviews online of the steakhouse, the cheddar cheese soup was very good, and yes, we each had a bowl of the cheddar cheese soup. The bowls were shaped a bit weird, wide at the bottom, and not too deep, versus the tapering usually seen with bowls. The pretzel bread was also good. Since our stomachs are smaller, due to surgeries, I knew that we probably couldn’t have two entrees, so we got one braised short rib, and split it between us. The vegetables were weird, almost undercooked, so they could retain the “cute little spherical shapes that they were cut up into”.

After that, we walked around world showcase, then to the monorail system to Magic Kingdom (thank goodness for park hopping) and I got a cookie ice cream sandwich. My wife had some of the cookie ice cream sandwich as well. During the time at Magic Kingdom, there was also the 3pm Mickey Parade down main street, USA, which we kind of saw some of the excitement around it.

We also made plans to go to the Mardi Gras, Lenyrd Skynrd concert at Universal. Seeing the Mardi Gras parade at Universal was really cool. The number of participants who were walking on stilts was impressive. While at Universal, before the Parade, we saw the Terminator ride, and had 2 milk shakes from Mel’s Diner. We walked through the french quarter area and there were vendors, we also got some fried bread, passed off as beignets. I guess it was okay, but not like the beignets we had at New Orleans. Or not as I remember anyway.

The concert wasn’t what I was up for, and I don’t think my wife was either, but we left shortly after the beignets. Oh, previously, we did the Tom McCubbin lecture at the flower and Garden festival, and we got two cute little mini garden-like things. We saw maybe how to get around the area, and where the hotel that we will be staying at is. So, my pedometer says that yesterday, we walked 17,099 steps. I guess that’s a good amount. It made for a long day, doing multiple theme parks. It was a fun day though.