Central to the so-much-time paradigm (idea) is that there is a finite amount of time during which we can make contributions to society, or whatever.  If we are truely fortunate, then some of our ideas can contribute to help others formulate reasonings in the future, but that level of contribution to philosophical thought is relatively uncommon.

My own experiences have helped make me who I am, a head injury survivor.  I do enjoy having fun.  I try to maximize my opportunities to have fun whenever I can.

Much of who we are is informed by our friends and those we choose to surround ourselves with.  Those who are fortunate enough to find someone to spend the rest of our lives with, make the choice of mates.  Perhaps some of it is left up to fate, and who responds favorably to whom, but who really knows?

For myself, I am happy that I have the support structure that has helped me to become who I have become.