Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This was a fun day at EPCOT. I enjoyed the topiaries. They were pretty. I had the camera set to do the black and white, because I was interested in being artistic, but then I forgot to change the camera back to capture the colors.

Since we hold annual passes to Disney World, we'll need to go back and I'll need to get different pictures.

This setting up of the blogger account is interesting. I'll need to keep things going.

My wife and I had lap-band surgery and we have lost significant amounts of weight.

Mostly, I think the main reason that my wife wanted the surgery was so that she might be able to avoid going on insulin to treat her diabetes. I guess I was also a set up for a future instance of diabetes, but I had not yet had abnormal fasting blood sugar readings or whatever.

I'm using Picasa to blog about this picture. It is pretty cool how the google software allows one to pull in pictures and blog about them.
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