Saturday, May 16, 2009

DC and tourists and traffic

Man, being in DC as a tourist was pretty neat. I guess it was too bad that we chose to leave the area. I suppose that we could have stayed at a diferent hotel. But there were lots of tourists in town for the cherry blossom festival.

Being that I don't drive, I am happy to be up here with my wife. We took the scenic route down to Virginia Beach.

I guess it was 6 or so hours just trying to get out of the DC traffic. We hit a couple of those traffic circles, and made more than one complete circle inside them.

We did stop at a place in Northern Virginia where a tourist information lady was, and we got a great map of Virginia. We did a slow drive through the countryside down toward the Hampton Roads Newport News area.

We got some pictures of some seagulls by the Monitor-Merrimack parking area. The seagulls were very cool, as was the wind off of the water. We got a few pictures of the house where I used to live.

DC was a cool place to visit. We didn't stay long enough to take full advantage of the money that we contributed to the metro system, but sometimes, you chalk up experiences as lessons learned.

I liked the state map of Virginia that we got. It was a very good map.
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