Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ducks in a pond by Keel & Curley Winery

While an opening act was playing, watching ducks swim in a pond was interesting. There were also a few little kids at the concert. I thought about how I hoped that none of the children would fall into the duck pond. As it turned out, none did. There were only 3 little girls. The pond area was pretty neat. There was a little fountain thing going on. It must've had a pump and water recirculation system going on.

The bluegrass music was nice. I like how the different instruments get to be showcased at times.

Earlier in the evening, we listened to some young people, maybe high schoolers, playing guitar, mandolin, and upright bass. Maybe they were beyond high school age. The instruments were nice. There was supposedly a blueberry festival earlier at the winery which also had music.

Music is pretty nice.

My mom called me using facetime. I answered on the ipod touch 4th generation. I guess it was pretty neat. Ordinarily, I had my touch powered off, but due to the recent upgrading of the ios devices that I got around to recently, I had them on. In any event, I guess it was nifty. I previously hadn't done facetime. The volume on the ipod touch could have been improved, maybe if I had tried adjusting the volume, it would have been better. Who knows? I'm pretty sure that mom might try facetiming me some more in the near future.

bluegrass music at the winery

another interesting display case

I'm not too sure how effective it would be at holding bottles once opened, but what the heck?

Photo from May 19, 2012

Here is an innovative wine rack that could double as a work of art.

Strawberry Wine from Keel & Curley Winery

flower in our front yard

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo from Mar 25, 2012 (Birds flying near the cruise ship)

Photo from Mar 25, 2012 (Davis Islands Yacht Club from the NCL Star)

Photo from Mar 28, 2012 (Crown Princess from the Tender boat)

Photo from Mar 29, 2012 (Jewel of the Seas Royal Carribean from the Star Norwegian Cruise Line)

Photo from Mar 30, 2012 (NCL Pearl as seen from the NCL Star)

Photo from Mar 30, 2012 (sailboat taken from the top of the NCL Star)

Photo from Mar 30, 2012 (bicycles by the NCL star for riding at Cozumel)

Photo from Mar 30, 2012 (Cozumel NCL Star and Pearl at dock)

Photo from Mar 29, 2012 (Costa Maya Dolphin near the port area)

Photo from Mar 29, 2012 (Tiger cub at Costa Maya)

Photo from Mar 25, 2012 (NCL Star)

Photo from Mar 25, 2012 (NCL Star)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

make a suggestion for improving google plus

Boy, it sure would be nice if there were a place where suggestions to improve the functionality of google plus were more easily accessible. OK, that said, one of the things which might be possible now, but I might not know about it, is how do I use google plus to translate the posts of others in different languages to my native language (english)?