Saturday, July 27, 2013

Observing people

Watching people can be slightly humorous. Last night, we were planning to maybe go to the Dallas Bull, for a country concert, which would have yielded some interesting sights, but instead, we went to watch people at Bay Street (International Plaza's outside area where there are some bars, and other establishments.
I commented to my wife that I don't really get the desire to wear high heels by women. I guess sure, being a few inches taller might help some women to stand taller and (at least in their own perception) make them more attractive than other women out there. I am not sure why women dress up to try to snag a guy at a bar. I guess it works some of the times. Women feel better about themselves when they dress up, I suppose. I really don't get why women wear uncomfortable shoes. It was interesting watching some women who had trouble walking in the high heels.
Maybe women who are dressed up fancy tend to get hit on more, and maybe get drinks bought for them by guys who are trying to express interest in their stories, and if the chemistry is right, things might progress.
We went to Silver Springs in Ocala this morning, and then back to International Plaza where I tried to get my ipod touch looked at/swapped out. An apple sales person took me over to a computer to set up an appointment at the genius bar. There was no appointment available today, she gave me a calling card, with a URL on it, so I could set up an appointment later.
I also took the device to ihospital, and asked if the guy there was aware up the vertical line problem on the 5th generation ipod touch, and he indicated that yes, he wazs aware of it, and that I should take the device to the apple store, and they will probably swap it out, since it was bought within the last year (actually, the warranty expires in January of 2014). I saw where some other people were complaining about vertical lines on the 5th generation ipod touch devices. The ihospital guy looked up the serial number from a apple database. I like the macbook pro. I thought the ipod touch 5th generation was just a bad gadget. I may try to get a different device, and see if I can use it better, without the vertical lines.
My wife got some starters from Williams-Sonoma. We just had the French Onion Soup, and while it was pretty expensive, relative to other costs, it was most likely not as expensive as a night at a fancy steak house. The French Onion Soup was very good.