Wednesday, July 17, 2013

grinding teeth (bruxism)

I suppose that the teeth clenching and grinding is related to the traumatic brain injury (TBI) in some manner. I've seen it referred to as bruxism in some dental stuff. A few dental hygenists have been impressed that I am a bruxer. I don't think it's too interesting. I don't know how common of a problem bruxism is, there probably are some places where I can find out more, but I'm not concerned. There are other thins which need to be more immediate. The TBI has limitations. I am happy that I have a job. I like that I am moderately successful. Yes, I think it would be cooler if there were more development done with the idea of computer mediated communication and the VA / veteran patients, but most large organizations probably have forces which keep them doing things the way they have wanted them to be done, and introducing change likely will take time. I'm not positive that there are large numbers of people who would benefit from greater access to computer mediated communications technology, but it seems to me to be a no-brainer type of idea. Obvious on its face. It will probably enhance patient satisfaction. Perhaps bruxism is a longer term issue in some people with TBI. But by the same token, some people's problems are more pressing in other areas.
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