Sunday, July 28, 2013

Did Edward Snowden expose the cloud to be a house of cards?

Did Edward Snowden expose cloud based computing resources to be insecure? Is this part of the damage to the economic future of the Tech industry that we can heap onto Edward Snowden? Granted, some of us probably already realize that when you are trusting someone else to store photos, or whatever for you, that you are relinquishing control over that content. The Business Insider article was saying how Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo, along with other corporate entities will comply with court orders and hand over data. Trade secrets aren't really safe when they are stored out in the cloud. Outsourcing e-mail management responsibilities to other big tech companies isn't attractive when one thinks in those terms.
I've known this, but hey, data is data.
The angle of Edward Snowden the whistle-blower doesn't work. He failed to keep secrets. I'm sure that there was a document that he signed that said he would keep secrets. Maybe he could try the line of reasoning that nobody really reads the terms of service for all of the cloud storage services offered, anyway, but that doesn't really fly when he is in Hong Kong, and then in the airport, and possibly in Moscow. Maybe the American will get an appreciation of Russian Justice. Maybe he will manage to live a long and productive life.