Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An outsider's understanding.

As a federal government employee, I want to note that I am not a veteran. I have not fought in wars. The CIA, as I understand things is mostly concerned about laws being broken outside of the United States (affecting the United States). The FBI is concerned about laws being broken inside of the United States. The NSA is not law enforcement. It is military.
Repeat. It is Military. Cyber command. Signals Intelligence.
Maybe that is why they get touchy about exposing secrets.
Providing aid and comfort to the enemy.
Our Department of Defense is a large organization, with many enlisted, and many officers. Some civilians, and some contract employees. There may be changes implemented re: the access to information that some employees will have.
Once Mister Snowden gets institutionalized, likely, worse things could happen to him.
Maybe he will find warmth in Russia. Likely, he may find that the justice systems can be harsh in Russia.