Saturday, June 15, 2013


I don't know why someone would choose to try upsetting the US Intelligence Community by making up stuff, even if there are parts of what is claimed are truthful, there seems to be parts which are beyond present capabilities. Maybe some capabilities are mischaracterized by Snowden, maybe misreported by the reporters involved. Potentially, dumbed down by editors to make a complex process understandable to an average person. In any event, it would seem to me that the individual reporters should not be gone after for damaging the reputation of the United States Information Infrastructure. Maybe if the publishers, or the money behind the organizations were to be sought to make some sort of restitution for damage done to commercial interests, things might happen. The possible misunderstanding might be in words used by editors "direct server level access" which to IT security minded individuals can mean different things, perhaps than to editors.
Litigation is a not very productive way to move forward.