Friday, June 21, 2013

A play Live Theater "Distorted Love"

We went and saw a play called "Distorted Love" tonight at a strip center in Temple Terrace, the play was very good, about generational dynamics. Maybe it wasn't totally realistic, but it touched upon similar themes which result in generational conflict. Toward the end, a statement was made that we should never let pride get in the way, for we are really only given today, tomorrow is not a certainty. We had a great time. The play had three actresses. We drove by the place about 3 times before stopping at the place. It didn't appear to be what I'd think of as a big enough of a location, but there was maybe room for about 20 - 30 people not including the cast or crew for the play.
I guess since they are hoping to eventually find a bigger location, and involve more young people in production of plays and whatnot, it is a good thing, but who knows how successful they will ultimately be.