Sunday, June 23, 2013

Laser Spectacular: The music of Pink Floyd at the Mahaffey Theater

Last night we went to Downtown Saint Petersburg for an evening of music. We went and picked up our tickets early for the show Laser Spectacular: the music of Pink Floyd at the Mahaffey Theater. They sold us special glasses which I guess refracted light a little bit differently, and enhanced the laser show. My eyes were dry, so I put drops in my eyes. I carry around the little bottle of refresh liquigel lubricant eyedrops, since having the lasik surgery. I haven't had to use the eyedrops for awhile, but I guess that the laser show might have been a bit much. Maybe the strobe lights, or the fog, or other causes exacerbated the issue. The music was pretty good. We only stayed for the first half. it was tiring. But it was fun. We enjoyed the time there. As we left, many people were outside taking a smoke break. And potty break, and buying beverages. Earlier, we walked to Kilwin's for some ice cream milk shakes. It was a good time.
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