Wednesday, June 19, 2013

dental (at the prosthedontist's office)

Yippie. Well, I got a second opinion on what needed to be done with my mouth. Really, a fourth opinion, this was the second prosthedontist. This guy is a preferred provider with my dental plan, so there is a projected savings due to negotiated fee schedule agreements. I suppose it is good that my roots and related structures appear to be good on the panoramic x-rays. The TMJ appears to be good. The solution proposed was slightly more involved than the lesser involved solution put forward by the other prosthedontist, in fact, crown lengthening everywhere means that it may be more expensive, but due to the dental plan, it might be the option that I'll go with. This guy will try to get the preauthorization from the insurance company, and when that happens, they will call me back and try scheduling some stuff. I hope that some stuff will be covered. Maybe this will be better as far as keeping my teeth longer. Grinding teeth at night, or whatever I guess causes problems with the teeth. The dental hygenists have been somewhat taken aback by my complex mouth. The dentists might see new wheels for their vehicles, or other options. The prosthedontists might see more options on how they can help improve smiles. I tried to impart that I'm not concerned about the smile. The functionality of my teeth, as far as chewing was what I was most concerned about.
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