Saturday, July 18, 2009

little extravagencies

I like the little extravagencies. I like my Bunn Home Coffee Maker. Sure, it's more expensive than many basic coffee makers, but it keeps the water that is in the reservoir at a hot 200 degrees, ready for that nice coffee brew. It doesn't do a timed start of the brewing process, nor does it do a grinding of the beans.

Last night, we placed a to go order from Hot Rod's Country Barbeque restaurant for one order of the grilled meatloaf with a side of green beans and a side of corn pudding. Since our lap band surgery, we are mostly able to share a portion at a restaurant, if we take it home. The meat loaf was very good. We've also split the order for country fried steak from cracker barrel. I didn't lose weight from yesterday's weight, but the gain was minimal. I haven't really dug into the ice cream, though that's yet another small extravagency I am fond of. We picked up a relatively new flavor from Blue Bell at Publix called Groom's Cake. It is chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake and a strawberry swirl, and maybe some chocolate covered strawberries.

A good pot of coffee is very good. But I'm frugal. When I buy not so good coffee, I continue through the coffee.
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