Friday, July 17, 2009

fireworks up on the mountains

This was a nice pic of a fireworks show up in the mountais of North Carolina. Now, there were some trees which blocked some of the views, but it was still pretty nice. We had gone up to visit my parents at their place in the little town of Highlands, North Carolina for the long weekend of the Fourth. A friend of my parents was also down along with some nieces from Ireland. The town of Highlands is quaint. It is quite small, but the people are friendly. I guess most of the people tend to be older people who have collected significant amounts of money. I don't think we quite fit into that mold, but I do guess we are pretty good about managing to pay off credit cards and save a little bit for retirement and whatnot else.

While we were up there (after the friend from Virginia had left with nieces) we went down the mountain into the valley town of Franklin. I do tend to appreciate the views from parts of Franklin of the mountains. We stopped at a place called "The Chef and His Wife" for lunch. I had a bowl of soup which was extremely good and flavorful. I had a sandwich, also. But I only had about three-quarters of the soup, and three-quarters of the sandwich. My dad might have had the other quarter of each. I had to get up because of my smaller pouch just getting too much food.
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