Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Ice Cream from MOSI

On Sunday, we did the free Ice Cream from MOSI. They were handing out scoops to paid visitors. Since we have annual passes for the MOSI Imax theatre, we took advantage. We've gotten quite a bit of value from our Annual MOSI membership. We each got a scoop of Cookies and Cream. I've been particularly weak with regard to the Ice Cream dietary no-no's. The lap band does enforce a sense of moderation. I don't want to eat alot of ice cream. The chocolate ice cream from the groom's cake, is overpowering. The Publix brand of Banana Split is very good. Yet I don't feel particularly good afterward, even though it was a small amount. We also got separately, the novelties of Mrs. Field's Cookie sandwiches, M&M's ice cream on a stick, and 100 calorie bars (5 to six packs). This weakness of mine may yet get the best of me. I'm able to loose weight, and follow most guidelines pretty well. Our freezer looks to be pretty well stocked for the time being. I don't know how long it will last. The lap band prevents some foods from going down. Ice cream is not one of the foods which has difficulty, but I think the previous pleasures associated with ice cream seem to be missing.

The previous Sunday (July 11th) we took advantage of the free slurpees from 7-11 due to the birthday. We only visited one 7-11, and only got one 7.11 ounce free slurpee each. We could have gotten more, but perhaps it is due to the smaller stomach pouch, we didn't.

I am happy that we've had the procedure to help Fran with her diabetes.

We've stopped the consumption of Soda. We weren't consumers of alcohol previously, but especially not now. We tend to be frugal.

The pre-measured 10 ounce containers from Wal-Mart have been exteremely beneficial in making the meals doable.
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