Saturday, September 21, 2013

I like travel

I like travel. I like going to different places, and staying at a hotel. It can be nice. Getting away from the daily responsibilities at work can be nice some of the time. Previously, we've been to Orlando, and stayed at a few different places near there, mostly to do Disney. Frequently, we would choose not to stay over, and make to trip back and forth. But Hotel hopping at Disney can be kind of fun. There are different restaurants near the different Disney properties, which is interesting as well.

I like food. I like the tastes, smells. I like a couple of the "better" grocery stores around. We pretty much enjoy the Publix Greenwise Marketplace, near the trendy neighborhood of Hype Park in Tampa. Last night we picked up some meals from the butcher shop, mostly just meat prepared, ready to be stuck into the oven.

We also have done the Fresh Market near Dale Mabry and Fletcher, which has some other pre-packaged meals waiting to be heated. I picked up some Thai Noodles which was surprisingly good. I thought that it might have been trickier eating, considering I am just about one and a half weeks following some oral surgery, crown lengthening, in preparation for some extensive crowns. Youtube has videos of many things. I wouldn't suggest looking for videos of crown lengthening procedures prior to having it done. The pain medications are okay.

I guess the big thing they worry about is the healing processes. Making sure the surgical site (mouth) doesn't get infected, injured.

I've found a few hotels here in Tampa with restaurants that have some nice things on the menu. I like the French Onion Soup at Mangroves at Embassy Suites on USF's campus. I've also found French Onion Soup at Crisper's (salad place) was pretty good as well.

Travel should be fun moving forward.

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