Thursday, September 19, 2013

Affordable Care Act I get that healthcare is a big complicated mess. I get that it can be expensive to pay for health care services. I'm not sure that there is an ideal solution. I don't know that people who are unemployed will be able to afford even co-payments for doctors visits, and stuff like that.
I get that part of the reason that people go into Medicine for a career is so that they can get a pretty good job, and hopefully help others to live healthy productive lives, by encouraging the use of some medications to treat some conditions. Encouraging people to stop smoking, and not drink as many alcoholic drinks if one wishes to live a long life.
Some diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, come from eating too much.
There are still some people who choose to live in situations which are likelier than not to lead toward an earlier death. Many forms of drug addiction might fall into this category. Those who don't have a stable mailing address are perhaps also more problematic to engage with.
I don't think that the current proposal to defund the package of the affordable care act is particularly beneficial to those who are seeking to do so at this time. The fact that it was written and passed through congress is in and of itself impressive. If the republicans want to reduce funding provided for implementation, they can probably do that, but to try to eliminate the funding is silly.
Congress should pass bills, which keep parts of the federal government running. I believe they may have done so with the department of defense, but I don't think the other departments have had their funding levels approved. Which to me seems kind of odd.

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