Friday, November 25, 2011

On being thankful

Marty Salo
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Be thankful. Most of us have relatively easy times. Most of us enjoy freedoms. Some people are dying in Egypt, Syria, Thailand, Burma, and various other countries. There also are people dying here in the US of A too, but for the most part, many of us are extremely fortunate.

We did some marveling at the craziness that is black friday shopping.  Last night at 10 PM (When Walmart specials started) we drove by Walmart, and opted to not go in, due to the fact that there was no parking nearby.  People were parking in adjacent parking lots and crossing streets in order to shop at Walmart.  
We returned home, and went to bed.

At four in the morning, my wife got up and we were out of the house a little bit later.  We stopped by Sears, Target, a yard sale in Brooksville (where I got an autoharp that my wife had called up on Craigslist because I have been mentioning the autoharp several times), and then Hobby Lobby in New Port Richey.

We enjoyed the Hobby Lobby store, there were several neat artsy types of things to do.

I like the sounds that the autoharp makes.  I don't think I'll be able to sell the autoharp for more money than I paid for it, but the point is to find enjoyment.  I do like the sounds.

Yesterday, we had dinner over at an Uncle's place.  There were probably 25 or so folks from a couple of families over at the house.

Family is an important part of society.  Being with family during times of significance is important.

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