Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How many of us are there?

I don't think that I am the only TBI survivor out there, in fact, I've met/been made aware of more through the computer/internet.  I want to compile stories of other survivors who are doing reasonably well.  But first is to figure out how many of us TBI survivors there really are.  The CDC estimates the number of instances of TBI at 1.7 million annually.  Many of those are probably concussions.  I called the Brain Injury Association of America, and according to info@biausa.org a recent number of individuals who identify as disabled due to Traumatic Brain Injury was 3.17 million.  I guess that number makes a bit of sense to me.  I still might like to get more instances of people who have done reasonably well following a TBI.  There are probably some individuals who do quite well, but there could still, I think, be a better way of communicating these success stories.  

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