Sunday, August 8, 2010

Retail Therapy

I saw something on Discovery Channel, or TLC, or somewhere about Hoarding: an obsessive compulsive disorder. I guess there are people who have very crowded houses full of stuff. My grandmother's house was like that when we visited a few years ago.

I suppose that she would buy stuff from QVC, or Home Shopping Network, or one of those TV sales channels.

I'm sure that the number of people who buy stuff in order to feel better, happier is probably significant. I kind of wonder why people get caught up in that cycle. Maybe some of it is just to have interaction with others.

Perhaps some people going out shopping can be pleasing. Making a purchase is a way of rewarding the sales people, but it should be for stuff that actually gets used.

I guess my father's desire for an SUV could be thought of along similar terms. There isn't really a need for an SUV, but maybe living up in the mountains will be more comfortable if he gets an SUV.
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