Friday, August 6, 2010

My father is looking at different cars

We are still driving the 03 Honda Accord. It recently had the air conditioner go on it, so we paid to have that fixed. In Florida, the A/C is pretty important. We had the oil changed and other fluids and maybe some belts changed (engine mounts fixed) recently as well. It is paid for, so we can afford to spend money on other stuff.

My Father is looking at Accuras and Lexuses. Life is good. Perhaps my father will get a newer vehicle. The economy should start recovering, people may continue buying vehicles.

I guess many of my co-workers have greater debts.

Maybe I tend to be cautious, concerned about what could go wrong. I try not to focus on what could go wrong very much, but peerhaps some might call it a healthy dose of realism.

I like our house.