Friday, August 13, 2010

The background image was distracting

I changed it to a relatively simple water mark layout.

In other news, I guess my Father has gotten a 2011 Subaru Outback Limited in Ruby Red Pearl. The vehicle looks nice. It appears to be larger than what I remember his previous Outback as being. But that was a while ago. I guess my Father rationalized this as my mother's car. For when they are up in the mountains of North Carolina. Just like he rationalized the previous car, a Mercedes Benz 320, or whatever as her car.

The Ruby Red is fairly dark. It is not Fire Engine Red.

Supposedly, my dad saved some $2500 by buying the car from a dealer over in Clearwater, as opposed to a dealer in Tampa. I was not really aware that the difference would be that significant.

I think Dad does a pretty good job of negotiating with car salesmen.

We are happy that our car is still running pretty good. We've had some rather big expenses lately, but it is still running pretty good, we hope to keep it several more years.

New cars are nice, but I guess we are seriously happy to not have car payments at present, and we like being able to pay off our balances during most months. We'll probably keep looking at getting a new bedroom set.

Listening to the times Cast for Today, part of it was about how various brands were trying to tie in with the movie "eat, pray, love" and make it into a pro-consumerism movie, even though it is more about a spiritual journey and shunning the consumeristic nature of the modern world.