Thursday, December 29, 2011

I like that I got new strings for my guitar

I've been looking online, and one thing it said was that changing strings for your guitar will change the sound of the guitar.  Sure, it makes sense, but I wasn't particularly confident, I'd not changed the strings on my guitar before.  As it turned out, it wasn't that difficult.  And the sound of a guitar with different strings is better.  I broke the smallest string on the guitar, by over adjusting the turn knobs to have them "line up" looking for symmetry.  I guess I thought that the replacing of the strings would be a bigger deal than it turned out to be, and as such, I didn't look into doing it when it happened.  I looked on YouTube, and there were some how to's on changing guitar strings.  The fact that this seems to be a cheap Esteban guitar, made in China, may have caused some trepidation on my part with getting it serviced.  I've been to Sam Ash, the music store, and I marvel at some of the details on guitars, and how the guitars look, I perhaps don't feel too confident.  At the same time, I've gotten a few accessories from Sam Ash, and have maybe doubled my $80 investment with accessories and such.  Maybe not quite doubling, but I did also get an autoharp, and a keyboard, and another cheap guitar with nylon strings, made in China.  The keyboard was the most expensive of my musical expenses, still, it probably is on the low end of possible expenses.  The autoharp was gotten used off of someone in a nearby town found on craigslist.
I guess the guitar is an easier instrument to pick up, and strum.  The new strings do give it a better, cleaner, different sound.  I also like Garage Band on the mac book pro and how there are different types of instruments to assemble in bands.
We got the Esteban Eldorado model of the guitar from a HSN return store.  I enjoy picking up the guitar, and strumming it, to make some sounds.  So, I'm not entirely sure when it was made, or whatever, but what the heck, with newer strings, it sounds interesting.
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