Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disney transportation depot

Here, we were at the Disney transportation depot by Epcot, waiting to go over to 
Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground area. We had two bowls of chili for lunch 
(one appetizer each), and it was very good. Riding the Disney transportation network 
was kind of nifty. The day started at Disney's Animal Kingdom, where we got the 
calendars along with art prints. Then we went to Animal Kingdom Lodge where we 
got some more pictures of some animals. Then Epcot to transfer to Disney's Fort 
Wilderness. Once at Fort wilderness, there was a separate series of busses we 
could ride. We rode the orange line, saw the purple line busses, and hopped back 
aboard the yellow line to get back to the outpost to board the bus back to Disney's 
Animal Kingdom.
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