Saturday, May 15, 2010

It is a good morning.

It is a good morning, people. The sun is shining, and we should be going to spend some time at EPCOT today. I just took a look at my blogger account, and it looks like this could be a new way of doing content.
Yesterday, we saw that one of the eagles had passed away at the Boyd Hill Nature Park. That was sad, but I suppose that death is part of the cycle.
The fact that the birds who were held at the nature park were injured, and would have died otherwise if left to their own is kind of nice I suppose. Perhaps I should be more conservative with my digital camera. I want to take small pictures for including them with blog posts, but my mom wants me to use the biggest resolution, which then takes up a lot of space.
I guess I should just put my foot down and deal with the fallout from my mom and my wife at a later date. My wife will also be disappointed that we don't have the high resolution pictures for making good prints from.
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