Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cashiers, public art

In the town of Cashiers, there's a small little city park. We stopped at Ingles grocery store, and picked up some chicken pieces. The city park was bigger than we first understood, but it was still pretty cool. I got a few pictures. I enjoyed the big public art, I took some pictures because it was so unusual. It was kind of a rocky exterior, but a smooth aluminum interior.
I enjoyed the simple meal of a hamburger tonight. Last night, we had the birthday dinner at Old Edward's Inn, and I got meatloaf, with vegetables, and mashed potatoes. A relatively simple meal, I guess. I had gotten meatloaf from a food court place in Atlanta where we were at yesterday. Old Edward's Inn meatloaf was better than the food court place. I think the Grill Smith Meatloaf was better than the Old Edward's Inn meatloaf, but maybe not as good as the meatloaf from the Big River restaurant in the Epcot Resort area.
The Resort area is not easy to get stuff home, because we live in Tampa.
I might have internalized too much about the starving children in China. I don't like wasting food. And with our small meal sizes, we could get in trouble if we were to eat too much, or too fast.
I'm happy that we get full, but I don't want to waste food, so I ask for to go boxes, and usually can stretch meals out to last for several days. Once we are at the resort areas of Epcot and we have the to go boxes, walking around the park is pretty much not going to happen.
At the Restaurant, last night, there were some high school kids taking dates from Prom to this place. I think that was a bit over the top. I don't think that was probably a cheap meal. I don't think the kids should have ordered the Chef's specialty fish of the evening. Perhaps the kids were trying to impress their dates. For all I know, some of the kids might have had some parents who had significant amounts of money.
I freely admit that I tend to think in terms of maximizing frugality. We do pretty good with making servings of food ahead of schedule. Except when travelling.
The previous night, we ate at the country buffet place, and I only had a salisbury steak patty, and some mashed potatoes. I was full, so the lap band surgery is still working I guess.
Usually though, we do much better by fixing a lot of food, and divvying it up into several small containers worth.

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