Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's just business

I think the phrase about 'it's just business' can say a lot. Perhaps the Japanese response to an unemployment level of perhaps half that of the US, the voting in of a new ruling party, and changing relations with the US and Europe will be interesting.

Of course, maybe there will be other interesting changes to the international relations infrastructure, it is too early to really tell for certain.

No one likes to be unemployed. I am happy that I have a nice job contributing to the smooth operation of the VA Hospital's computer systems. I guess I do try to move up in the system, which has so far not moved forward, but who knows what the future will hold?

Though Japan's economy has shown signs of coming out of its worst recession since the second World War, in a country used to lifetime employment, the unemployment rate has hit a record high. Just two days before the election, the jobless rate was announced at 5.7 percent.

In the world's second largest economy, for many people, it is all about business.

On the sidewalks of Tokyo, street vendors tell ABC News "business has been getting worse and worse" and that "people used to buy two items but now they only buy one."
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