Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The process of extensive dental work

Something is probably to be said about the process of extensive dental work. It is expensive. Yes, but it is also interesting how some prosthedontists' offices are trying to make more use of technology. When I first got the news about the need to do 6 or so crowns for my front teeth, I was discouraged, and mostly supposing that the dentist was mostly seeing dollar signs. Then I went to a second dentist for a second opinion, he took a look inside of my mouth, and quickly concluded that it was too complicated of a case for him to get involved with. He did refer me to a friend of his, who is a prosthedontist. I went to this fellow, and he was not part of the dental insurance plan, at the time, so I asked about some other prosthedontists, and he said that this other guy is good, and he has a dental lab as part of the practice (another guy wasn't as good, as his practice was based out of a strip mall, or whatever). So, in trying to get the best fit for the future crowns digital scans and 3D computer images were taken. I guess the system is new to the prosthedontist, so they want to see me again. Teeth are important. I see that the temporary crowns look nice. Maybe the ability of people to pay for major dental work may be less for some people, maybe the plans most people have (if they have) cover less.

I mentioned to a co-worker about going to a prosthedontist, and that drew a sharp inhale, followed by "Well, I think prosthedontist is a couple of specialties above dentist, periodontist, orthodontist, whatever else." There might have been mention made about possibly needing to take out a construction loan, to finance it. I am fortunate in that my credit score is good, and we do a pretty good job of making payments on debts.

I like my job. Technology is pretty neat.

Which brings me back around to observing all of the processes which go on at a prosthedontist's office. There appear to be multiple practitioners, assisting with a variety of tasks, and that doesn't even really look back in the dental lab area. It is interesting how people contribute to operations which help the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.

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