Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cake Boss cake from BJ's Warehouse Club

I was going back and forth about value for the purchase of the cake. After all, the Duff's ice cream with cake pieces sells in the neighborhood of one fifth to one sixth of the price. Granted, we aren't talking about the same thing. Ice cream is inherently different from cake. Cake is different from Cheesecake. My wife wanted me to get the cake because this has been a recurring theme where I'd be excited, and back away when trying to compare the value proposition of getting the cake. I did get the Va-Va-Va Velvet cake, and the small piece I had told me that it was worth it. The Cake Boss had different types of cake, but when we were at the store, the red velvet was the only one available. There is a seven layer carrot cake available from Mitchell's Fish Market which is ablsolutely awesome. And that cake is also very expensive, but I guess the ingredients to some cakes are more than others. And the market will bare what the market will bare.

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