Saturday, April 17, 2010

Marty S.

FOOD!!! very darn good meatloaf.
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FOOD!!! Today we went down to Bradenton for my wife's Aunt's 90th birthday, or something like that, maybe Wife's Mother's Cousin or something close. Anyway, it was held at a church. The birthday lady was surprised. She is in remarkable good health, and remains surprisingly active for her age. On our way back up to North Tampa, I decided I'd like to try getting an order of Wild Mushroom Meatloaf from GrillSmith to go (at the Brandon location). I placed the order at the bar and waited for the food to arrive. It took about 15 or so minutes, and then we still had to drive home a few more miles, but the GrillSmith meatloaf is wonderful. Previously I've been a big fan of the meatloaf from a similar restaurant in the chain (a different location). Since having had the lap band surgery, our stomachs have a smaller pouch, which fills up faster, and sends the signal to our brains to stop eating. It is amazing. I cut up the meatloaf into much smaller peices, and I intended to eat about half of the meatloaf with about half of the creamed cauliflower, and about half of the mashed yukon gold potatoes, but after eating the smaller amounts of the vegetables, and starting in on the meatloaf in earnest, I got the signal that I was satisfied, and I could stop eating. So I stopped.
There were times in my past where stopping wasn't really optional. I am happy that I now have a choice. Much of it was probably societal. Starving kids in China. Throwing away food.
The meatloaf is wonderful. We have a refrigerator to help keep foods from spoiling over a short enough time period, and a microwave oven to assist in reheating foods.
I plan on getting through the meatloaf before we are too far into next week, but it is very cool to recognize that one can put the food away for awhile, and probably return later to it.
We also like the meatloaf from Big River at Epcot's Resort area of restaurants, but that gets a bit difficult to just put the uneaten portion in the refrigerator, unless there is a refrigerator nearby. GrillSmith is much more convenient to get the food to go, and bring it home and proceed to divvy up the portions.
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