Saturday, November 23, 2013

Food and teeth

Man, I forgot how good mashed potatoes and chicken gravy from gladstone's chicken was. I separated the dark meat from the bones, and put it into the Vitamix Blender, and it's a smooth consistency. Man, it is really really good. Having plastic bridges covering the reduced teeth, while the crowns are being created is concerning. I've tried eating a banana muffin, and had the bridge come loose, so I'm extra cautious. The high end blender seems to do a heck of a job. I like the design principles, and the wide base. My parents got one, and I'd been looking at a couple of them, at Williams-Sonoma, and decided to splurge. It did a good job with the microwaved vegetables, and a good job with the chicken mashed potatoes and gravy. We've used mom's to blend up some soup, and make it easier to consume. I'll probably add the rest of the chicken to the mixture before long. I am happier now that I've found some flavors that taste quite nice.

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