Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm not sure what I would be embarking on if I wanted to follow through with setting up a chairitable foundation to benefit brain injured individuals, primarily through the use of enhancing the utilization of computer mediated communication. I'm not sure what sorts of legal obligations or whatever might be involved. Maybe it would be too much. I don't know if it would be a worthwhile thing to do, but it seems to me that it would probably be providing a service that here to fore isn't emphasized enough.

Maybe I am wrong. I'd love to be confident that I was mistaken. I'd love it if brain injured individuals were encouraged to find their voice online, and express it. Sadly, I somehow doubt that there are large numbers of brain injured individuals on-line, at least compared with the general population. One would think that there should be.

I guess that as with any charitable organization, having donors is important. In tougher economic times, the pool of available donors has shrunk, considerably.

I suppose that I have a pretty good story of having overcome a number of obstacles. If the foundation will ultimately be successful, I guess it needs more than just a personality.

I think I might begin making some inquiries though.

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